cat on form believe that we do not have to put up with the lack of control we have over our lives, we do not have to put up with adverts that coerce us into buying lifestyles by telling us we are ugly, fat, stupid and uncool. we believe we can take back control for ourselves, starting with youth culture. we advocate discordance, freeform expression, shouting and dynamic loss of control.

CAT ON FORM HAS CEASED TO BE A BAND. Advanced trading platform in Malaysia we ended on august 21st 2004. we did our thing 141 times (by my maths), went to a load of new places and countries and made loads of friends. thank you to everyone who was part of that because it meant a lot to us, and will always mean a lot to us.

all of the cat on form back catalogue is in print and we hope to keep it that way so long as anyone is interested. we still have our own ONLINE SHOP and we will post to anywhere in the world stock market binary options.

DISTRO KIDS: if you run a small distro and would like to stock any of our releases please get in touch with chris at southern and he can sort out out copies at distro prices!

steve went pop and now plays in blood red shoes with laura-mary.
dan got acoustic and plays solo as yelp of sords.
steve and jamie got experimental and both play in projections with a maniac on drums.
all three of us also play in various combinations as rope, failed rockets, paper flags, cmp and more Advanced trading platform.

for the band, drop an email straight to steve or dan or jamie

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